A new and future-proof facility has been commissioned

One step closer to the ProjectZero vision:

Sønderborg Forsyning turns off natural gas

The district heating company’s new Linka plant in Havnbjerg is running so well that Sønderborg Forsyning is now in the process of shutting down the natural gas-fired boiler plants.

Soon the fire will go out in Sønderborg Forsyning’s gas-fired heating plants in Nordals. The new straw-fired heating plant, commissioned in May, is running so well that the first four will be able to shut down within the next month.

The straw-fired heating plant has patented combustion technology that not only makes heating cheaper, but also cuts 350,000 tons ofCO2 emissions. This brings Sønderborg Forsyning closer to the goal of consumers in the region replacing individual heating based on fossil fuels with non-fossil heating.

“We have been supplying heat from straw continuously since May. This is a clear sign that the new heating plant has been put to good use.” says Jens Nansen Poulsen, project manager at Sønderborg Forsyning.

The new biomass plant has minimal operational requirements because it is fully automated from straw feeding to ash removal. It can run for up to 72 hours without staff present, allowing him and other staff to manage it from the utility’s operations center or from home.

Exploiting waste

We specialize in harnessing local resources in future-proof energy solutions. The straw, which provides heat for thousands of homes, now becomes fertilizer after burning.

Although the Danfoss heat supply development center has not yet been built, it has been instrumental in the construction of the new biomass plant. Its visitors will be able to walk directly through a tunnel into the heating plant.

We have developed several of the unique systems that make the plant a good investment and see it as an example of future energy technology.

“We have built 15 of these types of straw-fired heating plants before, so it’s built on our technical know-how and international experience. Everything has fallen into place. Despite Corona and the wettest winter in living memory, we have avoided delays thanks to the good cooperation. This is not least due to the good cooperation with the client,” says Jan Dahl Madsen, project manager at Linka Energy.

Also in the coming years, we, Linka Energy, will be the energy partner on the project to ensure a successful start-up and contribute to the ambitious ProjectZero strategy to reduce the area’sCO2 emissions to zero by 2029.

The plant consists of a 10 MW boiler, which corresponds to the entire capacity Sønderborg Utility needs to supply Nordborg and Havnbjerg. When we experience very cold winters again, the utility has secured the right to buy surplus heat from Danfoss’ own gas boiler.


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