Other fuel types and plant sizes

Linka can also adjust our fully automated systems for other fuel types than the conventional types, e.g. grass seed, straw briquettes, corncobs, cherry stones, etc. We also offer other plant sizes than our standard. You can also get special sizes.

Hot water plant for other fuel types

In addition to the standard fuel types, from which our plants are named (straw, wood chips and wood pellets) it is also possible to use other types of biomass. We are happy to discuss other fuel types and complete a fuel test on the type you have in mind – completely without obligations. This takes place on our special 400 kW test boiler. On untested types of biomass this test is mandatory.

The completed test will show how the fuel is handled on standard equipment along with heating value, ash development, emissions, etc.

Examples on other fuel types

The straw system can also be used for rape straw, tomato plants, grass seed and other stalk fuels. In addition, tests have been made on rice straw and miscanthus.

On a wood chips plant other fuel types could be wood- or straw briquettes, corncobs or other fuels that are bigger than wood pellets.

Linka has also tested different types of fuel on a wood pellet system, such as coffee shells/-grounds, olive stones, cocoa shells, cherry stones and straw pellets. Only the dimension and humidity of the fuel seems to determine whether it can be used on this type of plant.

Non-standard plant sizes

Linka’s hot water plants for straw, wood chips and wood pellets typically spans between 100 - 10,000 kW in size. It is possible to diverge from our standard set-up if you need a specific size, or in the case of heating plants for large or smaller cities.

Based on a close dialogue regarding fuel, purpose, etc. we will consult you on other non-standard plant sizes when needed. Together we will find the right solution for you.

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In 2017 Manco and Linka Energy installed a 995 kW combined straw and wood chips plant, for the Scottish strawberry farm.

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Hornsyld Købmandsgård

During the summer of 2017 Linka delivered a new biomass plant for Hornsyld Kobmandsgaard, designed for burning waste from grain.

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