Adven - Valio

Large dairy to be supplied with sustainable steam in the future

At Valio in Helsinki, Linka, in cooperation with Adven Oy, has installed a 2 MW mobile steam plant to supply steam for juice production.

Valio has many factories spread across Finland, one of which has chosen to invest in a Linka plant. The company is a leader in the production of dairy products and is an important player in the international market, supplying goods to more than 60 countries. Valio accounts for 25% of Finland's total food exports.

Previously, the Helsinki juice factory used steam from gas and oil boilers only, but the new biomass plant increases flexibility and security of supply.

The plant

The mobile steam plant consists of a 2 MW boiler with economiser, which can deliver 3 tonnes of steam per hour. Wood pellets are used as fuel and stored in a silo outside the container modules from where they are transported into the boiler via augers. The silo is equipped with weighing cells that measure the amount of pills left, so that early warning can be given about ordering more.

The amount of wood pellets transported to the boiler is regulated by the load. The load is controlled by how much steam is removed to the factory.

The control of the plant has been developed in cooperation with Jernforsen. Operators can control and monitor the plant remotely on their smartphones and computers. It also enables Linka's service department to provide quick guidance and support, despite the distance.


Customer: Adven - Valio, Helsinki
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Fuel type: wood pellets
Type of plant: steam plant
Size: 2 MW
Year of construction: 2021

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Vapour pressure

16 bar

Steam production

up to 3 t/h


min. 98%