Birds' Nest Nutrition Park

Mobile heating plant provides CO2 neutral heat

In 2012, Linka Energy installed a mobile plant at Fugleåsen Næringspark, which supplies the large area with CO2 neutral heat.

Fugleåsen is a large industrial park located south of Oslo. It is home to a large transport and logistics centre, as well as several industrial companies.

At present, around 75,500 m2 have been built, and up to 200,000 m2 are expected in the long term.

The construction container was built by Linka in Denmark, after which it was transported to Fugleåsen for final commissioning. This ensures that the plant is quickly operational after arrival at the construction site.

The container solution allows for great flexibility, as the facility can be moved or expanded if necessary.

In 2018, the plant will be expanded by an additional 1,500 kW, by installing a used container solution from Lahaugmoen Næringspark. Together, the two containers will cover the area's annual heating needs of around 8 GWh.

The plant

The mobile plant consists of a 2,000 kW Linka H boiler, designed for firing with wood pellets. The boiler is equipped with a movable staircase to prevent impact damage.

A 90 m3 fibreglass wood pellet silo has been installed for the plant, from which the wood pellets are transported to the boiler via a silo auger.

The ash is automatically transported from the boiler to a 3 m3 ash container, located outside the plant container.

In addition, a 2,000 kW oil boiler has been installed to act as a backup, for example during servicing or in the event of a breakdown.


Customer: Fugleåsen Nutrition Park
Location: Langhus, Norway
Fuel type: wood pellets
Size: 2.000 kW
Type of plant: mobile plant
Year built: 2012

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