Edward Baarda Ltd.

Green heat for greenhouses

Linka's UK partner, Manco Energy, has supplied two biomass plants to the UK nursery, a hall plant and a wood chip plant. Both supply heat to the many greenhouses.

Edward Baarda Ltd. is a large horticultural company, located in the East of England, which among other things produces vegetables. Before the installation of a hall system, Baarda received heat from an oil furnace, which was used to heat the many greenhouses.

In 2012, Baarda had its old oil boiler replaced with a new hall system. The switch has made it possible to produce heat more cheaply than by burning oil. With the possibility of a grant from the UK's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, Baarda chose to have a second boiler installed in 2016.

The plant

The first plant is a 2,500 kW hall plant, which was delivered in the summer of 2012. The plant has a Linka TWIN feeder with a 27-metre double conveyor, from which the straw is transported to the boiler for burning.

In the summer of 2016, Linka and Manco installed another plant at Baarda, this time for firing with wood chips. The plant consists of a 995 kW Linka H boiler.

The tile is transported from a 40 m2 scraper system with three scrapers, which convey the tile to a recessed crosscut auger. From here it is transported to the boiler via augers.

The PLC control of the plant ensures that the operation is monitored around the clock and alarms are issued in case of deviations. The control can be accessed from both computer, tablet and smartphone.

The automatic ash outlet transports the ash from the boiler to the installed 2.5 m3 ash container.


Client: Edward Baarda Ltd.
Location: East Yorkshire, England
Fuel type: straw and wood chips
Size: 2.500 & 995 kW
Type of installation: hot water system
Year of construction: 2016 + 2012

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