Holmegaard Estate

New Linka hall system for the estate

At Holmegaard, the heat from their Linka hall system is primarily used to heat their buildings, but some of the heat is also used for grain drying. The plant replaced a 21 year old Linka plant.

Holmegaard Estate is located in the south of Zealand, outside Næstved. Here they are primarily engaged in agriculture and forestry, as well as hunting and residential rentals. The estate has approximately 1,860 ha, which includes agriculture, forest, marsh and meadow.

Before installing their new plant, the estate used an old Linka boiler from 1993, which operated on the cigar-firing principle. The heat from the plant is mainly used to heat the main building of the estate, the Skovridersaal, and about 10 rental properties.

In addition, approximately 25% of total annual consumption is used for grain drying. During the summer season, most of the heat produced is used for this purpose.

The plant

A 950 kW hall system was built at Holmegaard in autumn 2014. A Linka straw chopper has been installed for the plant, as an extension of the customer's existing straw chopper. The straw is transported from here by a straw snail to the cell loop above the stick snail.

The boiler is fitted with eight shot valves, which shoot air through the boiler's flue gases and thus clean them. This means that the boiler flue is only cleaned manually a few times a year.

The automatic ash outlet transports the ash out of the boiler, into an ash container placed next to the boiler.


Customer: Holmegaard Gods
Location: Holmegaard, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Size: 950 kW
Type of installation: hot water system
Year built: 2014

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