Lendemarke District Heating

Stable and sustainable heat for consumers

<strong>CO2-neutral heat in the radiators</strong>

With E.ON as a partner, Lendemarke District Heating has invested in a new biomass plant that sends sustainable district heating to around 350 households. The new Linka Energy plant is 15% more efficient than the previous plant.

The biomass plant is complemented by a solar PV plant that provides about 22% of the heat used in Lendemarke.

The plant

The new plant consists of a 2,500 kW hot water boiler that uses only Danish-produced wood chips as fuel. The chips are delivered to a chip pit and then fed into the boiler via a screw system. The ash that is produced after the burning is then used as fertiliser. The patented incineration solutions in the plant are based on Linka Energy's know-how and international experience.

A flue gas condenser, which is connected to the system, helps to cool and clean the flue gas before it is discharged from the chimney. The emissions in this flue gas are below the legal environmental requirements that will come into force in 2025.

The plant can run unmanned for 72 hours, which has a great impact on the operational staff. At the same time, the facility can be monitored and controlled remotely, connected to staff phones and computers. Via this remote access, Linka's service department can also quickly support and guide the operations staff.


Customer: Lendemarke District Heating
Location: Lendemarke, Denmark
Fuel type: wood chips
Size: 2.500 kW
Type of installation: hot water system
Energy type: district heating
Year of construction: 2019

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Dust Collector



Dust from the plant is extremely limited,
compared to the requirement of max. 30 mg/m3

CO concentration



CO emissions from the plant are significantly below
the limit value of 850 mg/m3

"The reason we chose Linka was that we could save man-hours and we could have the installation delivered at the time we wanted - and the price was good."

Steen Thagaard, Operations Manager
Lendemarke District Heating