Sustainable heating to produce 1.8 million chickens a year

The purpose of the new Linka Energy hall system is to supply the farm's chicken production with stable, environmentally friendly heat. In the 6 houses, which have a temperature of between 34°C and 24°C, 1.8 million broilers are produced annually.

In 1999, the first Linka system was installed on the farm and after 21 years of stable operation, it is worn out. With good experience, Linka Energy was chosen to build the new plant.

The plant

The new biomass plant is designed and adapted to the existing straw bale and track. The boiler is dimensioned to allow the construction of two additional barns in the future. At the end of the boiler, a movable staircase is fitted while heated combustion air is supplied using Linka's world-patented combustion technology. The patented solutions in the plant are based on extensive know-how and experience. Therefore, the energy of varying straw quality can be optimally exploited.

The ash is automatically taken to an ash container, where it is mixed with chicken manure and recycled as compost.

The system requires minimal operation and is easy to maintain. The plant is also designed for easy cleaning and inspection of the boiler. The system can be controlled and monitored remotely, which also allows for quick remote support from Linka's service department.


Customer: Mosegård
Location: Hobro, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Size: 1.000 kW
Year of construction: 2020



By using Linka's world-patented combustion technology, extremely high efficiencies are ensured.

Free flow temperature (max)


A flow temperature of up to 110°C ensures,
that the heat can be quickly circulated in the stables.

"Sustainable heating is a big issue. We're doing really well using the fuel we have available nearby. It makes sense in the long run."

Leif Barsballe, Director of Operations