Osterild District Heating

CO2-neutral heat – also during cold seasons

In the autumn of 2016 Linka delivered a new boiler system for Osterild District Heating. By using wood chips as fuel the heating plant can offer their customers 100 % CO2 neutral heat, while achieving large savings on fuel costs.

The Danish district heating plant has supplied the citizens of Osterild since 1991. Today more than 250 consumers are attached to the plant, and their overall heat consumption is 5.5 million kWh per year.

Before installation of the new boiler Osterild used wood pellets for heating, and oil during periods with an extra high heating demand. Wood chips are generally cheaper and the heating plant has chosen to use dry forest chips in the future. This will be delivered from local forests. An existing wood chips storage and crane unit is reused,

while Linka has installed a new feeder funnel. The boiler’s automatic ash removal system will be attached to the existing ash system, which is also being reused.

With the new wood chips plant Osterild will replace the use of oil, even during the coldest season. The existing oil boiler will only be used as a backup.

The solution

Linka delivered a complete boiler system with a 2,000 kW Linka H boiler, designed for a maximum operating pressure of 4 bars and a maximum flow temperature of 110°C.

16 pressure tanks with soot valves are mounted on the boiler. These eject air through the boiler’s flue pipes to keep them clean. An additional six soot valves are mounted on the back of the boiler for cleaning the second flue pass. This means that manual cleaning is only necessary a few times every year.

A PLC control system is installed on the plant for monitoring the performance of the system. The control system can be accessed through an internet connection, which enables online service and trimming from Linka.


Customer: Osterild District Heating
Location: Osterild, Denmark
Fuel type: Wood chips
Plant size: 2,000 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2016

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Payback time

6 yrs

With an annual net saving of 550,000 DKK the payback time on the plant is around 6 years.