Sønderborg Utility

CO2-neutral straw-fired plant replaces natural gas-fired plants

Sønderborg Utility has commissioned a new straw-fired heating plant in 2020 and started the process of closing the six gas-fired heating plants it replaces.

The plant

The plant consists of a 10 MW boiler, which corresponds to the entire capacity Sønderborg Utility needs to supply Nordborg and Havnbjerg.

The plant is built to run 72 hours unattended. Monitoring and remote control can be done from Sønderborg Utility's monitoring centre or employees' homes. It also has a 2,800 m3 accumulation tank, which ensures the heat supply for up to 12 hours during commissioning, optimisation and the subsequent operational support.

The patented solutions in the plant are based on Linka Energy's know-how and international experience. Therefore, the energy of the varying types, sizes and qualities of straw can be optimally utilised. After burning, farmers get the ash back and use the fertiliser value on their fields.

The plant is being built as a full contract by Linka Energy and designed to accommodate guests from Danfoss' heat production development centre, which is being built on the neighbouring site. A covered glass corridor has therefore been prepared between the buildings.

In the coming years, we, Linka Energy, will be the energy partner on the project to ensure a successful commissioning and contribute to the ambitious ProjectZero strategy to reduce the area's CO2 emissions to zero by 2029.


Customer: Sønderborg Utility
Location: Nordals, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Size: 10 MW
Type of installation: hot water system
Energy type: district heating
Year of construction: 2020

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CO2 reduction



The patented combustion technology contributes to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions measured over a period of 20 years.

Electricity consumption


kWh electricity/MWh



The plant uses Linka's world-patented combustion technology, where heated air is fed during combustion to provide proper turbulence in the combustion section. This completely burns off the gases produced, ensuring extremely high efficiency.

"The whole project has been done very well. Linka has been great to spar with about the optimal solution and how we tackle the different types of straw"

Jens Nansen Poulsen, Project Manager
Sønderborg Utility