St. Merløse Heating Plant

Straw heating plant ensures big savings and green energy

The turnkey straw-fired heating plant at St. Merløse has both delivered significant straw savings and contributed to a reduction in CO2 emissions from the plant.

St. Merløse Heating Plant is located on the outskirts of Holbæk, and supplies heat to about 400 customers, including several large consumers. Until 1988, the area received heat from an oil-fired heating plant before switching to straw. In early 2013, Linka was commissioned to deliver a new, turnkey straw-fired heating plant to supply the entire area with reliable, CO2-neutral heat. In addition to supplying the complete machinery, Linka has also been responsible for building the boiler room and 550 m2 of straw storage.

As with the previous plant, straw was again chosen as the fuel, as this is the cheapest heat source. Straw is even a CO2 neutral source of fuel.

St. Merløse has an annual consumption of about 3,000 tonnes of straw, which is supplied by local farmers.

The plant

The hall plant at St. Merløse consists of a 4,500 kW hot water boiler in 5-stage design. The boiler is thus designed for more efficient use of heat, resulting in higher efficiencies and greater fuel savings. The boiler is further designed for a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar.

A straw crane ensures automatic feeding of fuel, where the straw bale is retrieved from the storage and delivered into a safety box, which is also located in the storage. The bale is then hydraulically fed into the straw cutter, which cuts a slice from the bale and pushes it into the boiler for burning.

A 1,000 m3 storage tank has also been supplied for the plant, which can store one million litres of water and thus supply the entire area for 1-2 days, for example in connection with servicing.

The automatic ash outlet transports the ash from the boiler to a 15 m3 ash container, located outside the building. Furthermore, a 4,500 kW oil boiler has been installed as a backup.


Customer: St. Merløse Heating Plant
Location: Holbæk, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Size: 4.500 kW
Type of installation: hot water system
Energy type: district heating
Year built: 2013

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Efficiency up to


The use of Lina's world patented combustion technology ensures extremely high

Straw saving


With the new heating plant, St. Merløse uses about 10% less straw to heat the area.

Dust particles



The limit value is 40 mg/Nm3.