Textilia Långsele

Sustainable steam for a laundry that washes and delivers tons of textiles every day

In cooperation with Slagelse Rørservice, Linka Energy has installed a 3 MW biomass plant at the Swedish laundry Textilia in Långsele.

Textilia has a total of 8 laundries in Sweden, one of which has a Linka Energy plant. Together, Textilia washes and delivers over 100 tonnes of workwear and textiles daily.

Previously, the laundry in Långsele had an old oil boiler from 1967, which was converted to burn powdered wood pellets. Compared to the previous plant, the new plant reduces CO2 emissions by about 65%. All other emissions are also reduced by the same amount - or more.

The plant

The new plant consists of a 3 MW Linka steam boiler using wood pellets as fuel. The pellets are stored in 3 silos, from where they are transported, via a screw system, to the boiler's cell lock and stoker. The amount of fuel is automatically regulated via an oxygen measurement of the plant's flue gas. This is done with an oxygen probe in the boiler flue gas tube. The patented incineration solutions are developed from Linka Energy's know-how and international experience.

The plant requires little time to operate and maintain and can run unmanned for a minimum of 72 hours. This has resulted in a saving of 15-18% in operating costs and one full-time post.

The control system for the plant is provided by one of Linka's regular partners. The system can be monitored and controlled remotely, connected to staff smartphones, tablets and computers. Remote access makes it easy for staff to monitor the plant and for Linka Energy's service department to support and guide staff.


Customer: Textilia
Location: Långsele, Sweden
Fuel type: wood pellets
Type of plant: steam plant
Size: 3 MW
Year of construction: 2020

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Steam production

2,5 t/h

The steam production is used for washing the
many tons of textiles

CO concentration

9.2 mg/MJ

CO emissions from the plant are significantly
below the limit value of 200 mg/MJ

"We are particularly pleased with the sense of security it gives that it will run efficiently every day - something we need."

Urban Johansson, Operations Manager
Textilia Långsele