Tine Meieriet Elnesvågen

Switching to biomass reduces CO2 emissions and ensures high efficiency

The plant

Linka Energy installed the 3,000 kW steam plant in Elnesvågen at the end of 2015. The plant consists of the Linka H boiler, which in this steam version operates with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar and a maximum operating temperature of 176°C.

A 400 m3 chip store with scraper system, including eight scrapers, has been built for the plant, from where the chips are transported to the boiler plant. The chip store is built sunken with an electric roof, so filling of chips is easy and fast. The annual consumption of wood chips is expected to be around 20,000 m3, which will come from local forest areas.

Since January 2016, the dairy has been using only the chip boiler, but a gas boiler and an electric boiler from the previous plant are still installed as backup. As the heat is used in production, it is essential for the dairy to be secured in case of a breakdown of the plant. The electric boiler therefore acts as a heated backup, which means that it can be put into operation immediately if necessary.


Customer: Tine Meieriet Elnesvågen
Location: Elnesvågen, Norway
Fuel type: wood chips
Size: 3.000 kW
Type of plant: steam plant
Energy type: process heat
Year built: 2015

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CO2 reduction



Annual reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to the use of oil as a fuel.

Steam production

4,5 t/h

Steam production per hour, used in the production of dairy products.

"For TINE Meieriet Elnesvågen, this has been an unqualified success. We can boast that we are contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, while at the same time reducing our costs."

Svein Arne Bjørgum
Dairy Manager