Vennerslund Estate

New Linka plant reduces straw consumption

In 2014, Linka installed a biomass boiler at Vennerslund Estate, which has reduced the estate's consumption of straw by 1/3, while increasing heat consumption by approximately 33%.

Vennerslund Estate is located in northern Falster, where the estate operates agriculture and hunting, and rents out properties.

Before the construction of the new plant, Vennerslund had an old 2 MW full bale boiler. This required manual firing, where the straw bale is placed directly into the combustion chamber.

The heat from the plant is used to heat the estate itself and its buildings. The estate has a
annual heat consumption of about 4 MWh. As the new boiler is much more efficient than the previous one, it was only necessary to install an 800 kW boiler, despite a higher heat consumption.

Linka was chosen as the supplier of the new boiler based on recommendations from colleagues in the area. Linka helped Vennerslund to apply for a grant for the new plant, which means that the estate has had part of its costs for the new plant covered. The farm's operating staff has been instructed in how to service their own facilities on a regular basis, thus optimising operations.

The plant

An 800 kW hall system from Linka has been supplying Vennerslund with environmentally friendly heat since 2014. A straw tedder with a 30-metre conveyor has been installed for the plant, which can store around 15 bales.

At maximum production, the freight uses just over two bales per day, meaning the lane only requires filling once a week. Thus, the operational need is limited.

The PLC control on the plant also contributes to the minimum operating requirement, as it monitors the plant performance and issues alarms in case of disturbances.

Ash from the boiler is automatically transported out of the boiler and into the external ash container, which is located outside the boiler room.

As part of the project, Linka has also provided piping, which involves the sizing and installation of district heating pipes to the estate's properties.


Customer: Vennerslund Estate
Location: Nørre Alslev, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Size: 800 kW
Type of installation: hot water system
Year built: 2014

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Straw saving


After switching to the Linka boiler, Vennerslund has reduced their fuel consumption by 1/3.