Yester Farm Dairies

Sustainable steam for Scottish dairy

In 2017, our UK partner, Manco Energy, installed a new steam plant at a dairy in Scotland. The dairy can now produce steam from CO2 neutral biomass.

Yester Farm Dairies is a family-owned dairy based outside Edinburgh. Various dairy products are produced here, mainly cheese and milk. The company employs 27 people and has a turnover of approximately DKK 37 million.

Due to an increased need for steam for production, the dairy decided to invest in a new boiler plant. The new steam plant replaces two old oil/gas boilers.

As the new boiler plant is located in an existing barn, it was necessary to size the plant according to this framework.

Yester Farm burns both wood chips and granulated biopellets, both of which are cheap fuels. This allows fuel switching depending on availability and prices, ensuring high fuel flexibility.

The plant

Linka has supplied the complete 1,000 kW steam plant, designed for an operating pressure of 12 bar. The boiler can produce 1.5 tonnes of steam per hour.

The boiler is designed to burn wood chips and other granulated biofuels. The fuel is stored on a 30 m2 walking floor system, with five scrapers pushing the chips to a recessed crosscut auger. From here it is transported to the boiler via augers.

By adding an economiser, additional heat is extracted from the flue gas, increasing the efficiency of the system.

An automatic ash system transports the ash from the boiler to an ash container located outside the building. The installed PLC control constantly monitors the plant and ensures a controlled regulation of the fuel supply, in order to get maximum power out of the boiler.


Customer: Yester Farm Dairies
Location: Gifford, Scotland
Fuel type: wood chips and granulated biopellets
Size: 1.000 kW
Type of plant: steam plant
Energy type: process heat
Year built: 2017

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Steam production

1,5 t/t

Steam production per hour, used in production to pasteurise the milk.

"The new biomass steam plant helps us become more sustainable as we produce the heat to pasteurise our milk from renewable sources."

Yester Farm Dairies