We are specialists in combustio of biomass

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Project development

When working with Linka you get an innovative partner, who develops and adjusts the solution based on your specifications. Our patented combustion technology ensures a high efficiency and optimizes the operational costs.


Linka is a flexible company close to its customers. We believe in good service - after trade and assembly as well. And we take pride in the fact that our systems run optimally. You can choose us for the ongoing maintenance and service of your plant.

Linka Energy is a specialist in the development, design and construction of fully automated biomass plants from 250 kW – 15 MW. The primary fuel types are straw, wood chips and wood pellets, but also more exotic fuels can be used.

Jernforsen develops and installs biomass plants from 4 – 35 MW, with a highly developed technology in combusting biomass waste (including waste wood and other types of biomass waste) and “wet” fuels.

Weiss is an advisory and executive service company specializing in servicing, supplying spare parts, advising district and district heating plants and other customers. Larger plant components are also produced and systems are optimized. .

Full-service partner

Linka has a vast experience and know-how in delivering turnkey biomass plants. We offer our assistance as a full-service partner, who manages the entire project, also in relation to relevant authorities.

Many years of experience

Linka has worked with biomass plants since 1978 and we have built an extensive expertise. This offers us an advantage on a market where environmental requirements are continuously increasing.

Plants around the world

With more than 3,500 plants throughout the world, and even more to come, Linka is a skilled international collaborator – as developer and contractor.