Corporate Social Responsibility

As an international company, we have a great responsibility for our surroundings and the way we affect nature and the environment. At Linka, we do a lot to integrate environmental and social responsibility into all our activities.

Environmental policy

Linka Energy considers wants to encourage the use of renewable energy, and we always consider how our activities, products and services impact the environment.

We make sure that our production and installation of biomass plants complies with requirements from authorities and stakeholders, as well as environmental legislations, in order to protect our global environment. We seek to achieve this by developing products with low energy consumption and maximum energy output based on the quality of the fuel. By utilizing the bio fuel optimally we help to reduce unnecessary waste.

Our plants are developed to reduce the amount of dust, and we continue to optimize the emission values to preserve the impact on the environment. We focus on further developing and optimizing our plants, in favor of the environment as well as our customers. In addition we aim to reduce the environmental impact, e.g. the energy consumption, from our own facilities and activities. This includes focusing on renewable resources by recycling as much material as possible and only using authorized and qualified partners in regards to waste management and disposal. We continuously work to prevent pollution and avoid noise- and air nuisance for our neighbors.

Circular economy

We will promote a circular economy where the biomass is grown locally and used as energy, afterwards the ash is reused in the cultivation of new biomass.

Biomass is one of the world’s most efficient and sustainable energy resources. Biomass already exists and is available. We constantly need to grow crops and forests for other main purposes than burning it. When we burn the biomass in our plant and convert it into energy, CO2 will be emitted into the atmosphere.

Alternatively, if the biomass is not burned, it will emit the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere during the decomposition phase. Therefore, in the sign of sustainability, it is advantageous to utilize the biomass in a Linka Energy plant, as it will be CO2 neutral. .

Health and wellbeing

At Linka Energy, we consider employees to be a very important resource that we need to be careful of. That is why we care very much about the health and well-being of employees. We see health and prevention as a strategic effort at the level of other strategic decisions. We know that when we are working strategically with that, the results come.

We have made a working environment committee composed of employees across the organization to ensure that all levels of the company are represented in development and continuous improvement.

It has mixed other things:

  • Free fruit - so all employees can get fruit every day
  • Badminton for employee

A staff association has been made, and the purpose is to arrange activities for all employees and thus strengthen the cohesion. All employees are covered by the company’s health protection. ,