Linka Energy and EUROmillingare introducing their revolutionising solution”StB - Straw to Biogas”.

The STB concept

Linka Energy and EUROmilling are introducing their ground-breaking StB line – “Straw as a booster to biogas” solution which promises to revolutionise the biogas industry and contribute significantly to a future with cleaner and more sustainable energy.

Both Linka Energy and EUROmilling are leading players within sustainable energy solutions and we have chosen to pool our resources to be able to offer world-class industrial installations to the biogas industry – complete solutions that will work day after day after day.

Straw to Biogas

In an effort to advance sustainable energy solutions, the union of straw and biogas is a important alliance. On theses pages, we introduce the innovative concept where straw is used to increase the production of biogas as well as focus on the important benefits associated with the concept.

The Power of Straw

Traditionally, straw was considered an agricultural waste product but, today, straw is experiencing a renaissance. Previously, straw was discarded or burned but, today, straw is considered a valuable resource within renewable energy. By using finely ground straw in the biogas production process, it is possible to accelerate and optimise the fermentation in the biogas reactor.

Environmental Benefits

Using straw as a biogas booster isn’t just a smart choice; it’s the responsible choice for the following reasons:

  • Less Waste
    by using straw for other purposes, we reduce the amount of agricultural waste and minimise the burden on landfills and emissions from open burning.
  • Carbon Neutrality
    straw is a renewable resource. The carbon dioxide released in connection with its decomposition is balanced by the carbon absorbed during its growth which makes straw a carbon neutral resource.
  • Energy Efficiency
    as straw enhances the biogas production, it is possible to generate more clean energy based on the same materials.
  • No More Fossil Fuels
    increasing the production of biogas with straw will reduce our dependency of fossil fuels, thereby contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Working closely with our clients is at the heart of our success

We develop, test, and deliver documented turnkey installations in collaboration with our clients.

Shared Knowledge

Our Complete Solution

With the complete solution from Linka Energy and EUROmilling, you will get everything you need for efficient conversion of bales of straw to high energy straw power. Our complete solution includes:

    • Overhead Travelling Crane: a fully automated straw crane delivers the bales of straw without staff intervention;
    • Straw Conveyor: fully automated straw conveyor system;
    • Bale Destringer: strings are removed from the bales. Strings are removed automatically;
    • Straw Scarifier: efficient scarifying of bales with a view to further processing;
    • Catchpit Removes Stones, Metal, and Other Foreign Objects: ensures removal of unwanted elements;
    • Pre-grinder: straw preparation for fine grinding;
    • Hammer Crusher: ensures the correct straw particle size;
    • Premixer: straw homogenisation with a view to optimal biogas production;
    • Control and Monitoring System: monitors, optimises, and safeguards the operation to ensure efficiency, safety, data collection, and remote control.

This is an industrial scale solution with a strong focus on uptime and low maintenance costs.

Pioneers of a future withsustainable energy

Regulatory Requirement Compliance

The solution from Linka Energy and EUROmilling comply with all regulatory requirements. Our team of engineers and project managers works closely with the client on the following:

  • performance of a risk analysis in relation to safety;
  • preparation of CE documentation;
  • ATEX solutions and documentation available;
  • implementation of a fire extinguishing system for added safety.

The Benefits of Our System

With our “Straw as a booster to biogas” solution, you get the following benefits.

    • Fast Conversion Time: efficient conversion of straw powder in the reactor;
    • No Digester Supernatant Floating Layer: eliminates the need for digester supernatant management (excess fluid);
    • Moisture-Resistant: the system can be used with straw with a high moisture content that usually will be unsuitable for district heating plants or combined heat and power plants;
    • Automated Operation: requires minimal straw bale handling as the entire system is automated.

Pioneering a future with sustainable energy