We go into each task to create the best solution according to the customer’s needs, requirements and possibilities. Close dialogue and sparring are important elements when we advise you on the optimal choice of biomass plant.

Professional advice

We offer professional advice from our skilled staff when choosing the right biomass system.

We're with you all the way

We advise you on the choice of solution, dimensioning and installation of plants - as well as subsequent environmental tests.

Get a figure for your savings

We will be happy to calculate the savings you can achieve by replacing your current system with a Linka biomass system.

With many years of experience, we have the necessary know-how

Experience and know-how are important prerequisites when investing in a new biomass plant. Our advice on fuel type, boiler size and installation performance ensures that you get the optimal solution that meets your needs. This includes the choice of whether the boiler will be fed via augers or blowers, as well as the size of the fuel tank, silo and storage.

We make the unmanageable manageable

A biomass plant consists of many components, and it can be difficult to keep track of. We advise you on the dimensioning of the individual components such as filters, smoke extractors, pumps and economizers.

We also advise you after commissioning

After the plant has been commissioned, we will also be happy to advise on operational optimisation so that you get the maximum use of the fuel. When environmental testing is needed, we also help. Here we are always up to date on the latest regulations in emissions and other environmental requirements. This ensures that your new installation is fully compliant.

We can handle your biomass grant application

As a special service, Linka offers to facilitate the application for a grant for your new installation. This applies to applying for an energy grant when replacing an existing boiler or switching from fossil fuel to green energy. Linka helps you with all aspects of the application process.