When working with Linka you will find reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly biomass plants in a wide range of types and sizes – for different fuel types.

District heating

One type of biomass plant we offer at Linka is heating plants. These are typically installed in cities both large and small when centralised heating must be established or expanded.

Here, you can see some examples of the plants we've created and the various heating plants we've built, as well as why each particular solution made the most sense.

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Our biomass plants for the agricultural sector are ideal for heating living areas, stables, industrial spaces, and so on. However, they can also be used to provide process heat in hot water and steam plants.

Here are some examples of solutions that we've assembled and delivered to various customers.

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Our industrial biomass plants are ideal for heating buildings, as well as for industrial processes that require high temperatures and pressures, such as in the food product and laundry industries.

Here, you can read about some of the different industrial solutions we've supplied, fuelled by straw, wood chips, and wood pellets.

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Focusing on the climate and environment

In the battle for a greener, more environmentally friendly climate, Linka is far ahead of the pack. From the very beginning, we've focused on developing and optimising environmentally friendly forms of energy that are based on biomass. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly biomass plants, built on a variety of scales and running on a range of fuel types.

Most of our biomass plants are designed for use with standard fuels like straw, wood chips, and wood pellets, but they can also run on other types of biomass. We are always happy to discuss other fuel types, and we offer non-binding testing of the kinds of fuel that our customers wish to use.

Our products encompass many types of planst, and we specialise in energy solutions for heating plants, agricultural use, and industry. We'll also customise the plant you choose to meet your particular needs.

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Achieve financial and environmental savings

Our mission is to optimise your profits and operating expenses. We do that using our patented combustion technology. Our boilers are developed and tested for use with a wide array of fuel types, guaranteeing maximum fuel utilisation.

As a rule of thumb, you can save up to 87.5% in expenses by switching from burning fossil fuels (such as oil) to burning biomass (such as straw). Even greater financial benefits are possible if your business produces waste that can be used as fuel.
Using locally produced biomass or waste products from your business helps to minimise CO2 emissions, while also reducing the business's energy expenses.

A biomass plant from Linka helps to future-proof your business by giving you an optimised energy system that benefits both the environment and your finances.

We can supply both mobile and fully automated biomass systems, which provide a foundation for the most efficient operation possible. Linka delivers and installs each system with all of the required equipment, so it's ready for use. Additionally, we use automation to offer user-friendly systems. We focus on ensuring that system operation and monitoring are manageable, while also designing systems that clean themselves automatically.

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