The high demands of sawmills and the process industry place extra high demands on equipment designed to withstand the harshest environments. Our systems are built robustly to have easy accessibility at all times, with only scheduled stops for service and maintenance.

In particular, we have focused on developing fuel management systems to cope with the most extreme fuel qualities found in this sector, all to eliminate unplanned plant shutdowns.

  • High-performance equipment; we know that uptime is paramount for your facility
  • Possibilities to use all wood residues: The plants handle up to 65% humidity in fuels
  • Long-term reliability – a long list of satisfied and returning customers over the last 40 years

Electrical and programming design has been done in-house and our electrical designers and programmers follow the projects from sales support to the finished installation.

The commitment doesn’t end here, but continues throughout the lifetime of the system in the form of troubleshooting support, advice, etc.

This feedback helps us build experience and an invaluable knowledge base within the company.

Reliable installations

By choosing high-quality components, we can build a system that provides high reliability with easy accessibility for operating personnel.

This gives our systems a long lifespan and the best operating economy for you as a customer.

The combustion system

Well-dimensioned grate surfaces, development of our combustion air system in combination with a long residence time means we get the lowest emissions.

This means we meet all regulatory requirements for NOx, CO and dust emissions.

We ensure you a well-functioning heating system with high reliability, low costs and an extremely long service life.