At Linka you will find reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly biomass plants in a wide range of types and sizes – for several different fuel types.

Flexibility in fuel choice

Linka boilers are developed and proven for a wide range of biofuels, and our fuel technology always ensures optimal use of the fuel in question. We have also tested a wide range of more exotic fuels, and are continually testing new fuel types.


Straw is an attractive choice for many, as it is a cheap fuel with a high calorific value.

Wood chips

There is a wide range of wood chips and moisture content that can be burned in the Linka boiler plant.

Wood pellets

The wood pellet plant requires minimal maintenance and wood pellets are a readily available fuel.

Waste wood

Waste wood can be bark, branches and tree tops that are not usable. Linka’s IED approved boiler ensures better use of our resources and less waste.


Grain seeds can also be used as fuel, making optimum use of the entire crop.

Wood shavings/sawdust

Linka’s plant can also be used for burning wood chips and sawdust.

Elephant grass

A Linka plant can be adapted for burning elephant grass.

Seed grass

Seed grass can be used as fuel in a Linka plant.

Olive stones

A waste product such as olive stones can be used as fuel in a Linka plant.

Cherry stone

It is possible to use cherry stones as fuel in a Linka plant.

Coffee grounds

A Linka plant can also burn coffee husks.

Seed grass

A Linka system can be adapted to burn coffee grounds.

Burn your waste product

We create customised solutions based on the waste product you or your company have - or based on what fuel is available in the local area. We do this so that the fuel does not have to be transported any further than necessary.