At Linka, we offer biomass plants for industry, which we customise to your needs. With us, you are guaranteed an optimal solution for heating buildings and process industries where high temperatures or pressures are required, for example in the food industry and laundry.

Efficient and environmentally friendly heating

Space and building heating and hot water production are the two most taxed categories. Therefore, it is important for us to offer you an economical and efficient heating method. That way, you can save both money and CO2.

If you need to heat rooms or buildings, you can convert fossil fuel systems to biomass systems.

Use of biomass is CO2 neutral and exempt from CO2 taxes and energy taxes. So your business can make big savings by converting your heating system from burning oil and gas, for example, to burning straw, wood chips or wood pellets. In the long term, your company is also protecting itself against rising fossil energy prices.

If your company produces its own products, where the waste can be used as biofuel for the heating plant, there is ample opportunity to achieve additional economic benefits.

We create customised solutions and are happy to test new fuel types based on the waste products you or your company have - or the fuel available in the local area.

Optimise your energy solution

If your company has process or production plants that run around the clock and use a lot of energy, Linka can help you optimise your production with a biomass plant.

We are leading specialists in the development, design and construction of fully automated quality plants for the whole world. Our experienced and competent team offers a wide range of services, so you are guaranteed an optimal solution tailored to your wishes and needs.

With a biomass plant from Linka, you get a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly solution in industry.

Here are various industrial plants we have produced and built for our customers.

Straw: 250 - 5.000 kW

Linka's mobile plants are complete and turnkey heating plants in containers, adapted to the size of the plant. The plant is delivered and erected by a crane on a prepared concrete foundation.

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Wood chips: 250 - 5.000 kW

Linka's mobile, turnkey chipping plants are delivered in containers, with an associated fuel container, complete with scraper system.

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Wood pellets: 250 - 5.000 KW

The mobile wood pellet plant is delivered turnkey in a container. A silo is typically used to store and transport the fuel.

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Straw: 400 - 15.000 kW

In this version, the Linka hall system is adapted for steam production. The plant is supplied with a straw chopper or cutter, as required.

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Wood chips: 400 - 15.000 kW

Linka's fully automated wood chip plant is adapted here for steam production. The efficient combustion still ensures a total burnout of the chips.

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Wood pellets: 400 - 15.000 kW

The wood pellet plant here is adapted for the production of steam, which makes it particularly useful for process industries and the like.

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Other types and sizes

Linka can also adapt our plants to other fuel types than the traditional ones, such as seed grass, corn cobs and cherry stones.

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