Björnstorp & Svenstorps Estates

Combined combustion provides plenty of heat

The two Swedish estates uses combined combustion with both straw and wood chips, and supplies most of the heat for the local areas.

Björnstorp & Svenstorps Estate Management runs the two estates, both located in the southern part of Sweden. Combined the two estates has six farms and more than 140 rental properties, along with 2,400 ha farmland and 1,900 ha forest.

Until 2002 both estates used oil for heating their buildings.

In 2002 Linka delivered the first biomass plant for Svenstorps Estate, a 1,500 kW straw plant. Two years later we delivered another straw plant, this time a 1,000 kW for Björnstorps Estate.

On both estates the plant produces a lot more heat than needed for their own use. The excess heat is supplied for the local area. The plan on Björnstorp delivers heat for Genarp town and is the town’s only source for district heating. Excess heat from Svenstorps Estate is delivered to Kraftringen, which supplies the town Lund. .

The plant

During the summer of 2010 Linka replaced the existing boiler on Björnstorps Estate with a new 3,000 kW Linka H boiler. The used boiler was then renovated and sold to another Swedish Estate. A Linka double shredder was installed with a 60 meter conveyor. This can hold 50 large straw bales equivalent to around 27 tons of straw.

The following year, the plant was refitted for combined combustion and a scraper unit with five scrapers was installed. This enables the estate to use both straw and wood chips for heating, depending on costs and security of supply.

On Svenstorps Estate a 4,000 kW straw plant was installed in 2011. The heat from the plant is also used for drying grain. As the plant on Björnstorps, this too is installed with a double shredder and conveyor, along with an automatic string remover. This ensures a highly automated plant.

In 2016 Svenstorps Estate also switched to combined combustion, using both straw and wood chips.


Customer: Björnstorp & Svenstorps Estate Management
Location: Lund, Sweden
Fuel type: Straw and wood chips
Plant size: 3,000 & 4,000 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2010

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