District heating

Wood pellet heating plant: 1,000 - 15,000 kW

Linka's fully automated wood pellet based heating plant is developed to ensure a high efficiency. You can use Linka as a supplier of the plant or as a turnkey contractor for the entire system.

Heating plant for wood pellets

A wood pellet plant usually consists of a silo, which are made from either fibreglass for outdoor installations or fibreboard for indoors. The pellets are transported from the base of the silo by an auger to the boiler room, directly to a cell lock and then into the boiler’s combustion chamber.

The boiler can also be fed from a walking floor system. Here, the fuel is stored on a number of horizontal scraper arms, which move the pellets to a sunken auger at the end of the walking floor. The sunken auger is monitored by a photo cell, which will activate the system whenever it's empty. The pellets are transported to the boiler room through additional augers, before being fed into the boiler.

The scraper unit will now provide the boiler with the appropriate amount of wood chips based on the pre-installed boiler effect. The boiler is now provided with the appropriate amount of wood pellets to accommodate the pre-installed boiler effect. The amount of wood pellets is controlled by an oxygen gauge, which constantly monitors the oxygen percentage in the flue gas. Wood pellets are produced all over Europe and are normally delivered from day to day.

We are happy to help you decide the optimal storage size based on our plant size, operational need, etc. We are happy to help you decide the optimal storage size based on our plant size, operational need, etc.


Plant type: Hot water system
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 1,000 - 15,000 kW
Efficiency: Up to 96.4 %

Linka H-boiler – for wood chips

The H-boiler is a cylindrical, highly efficient channel flue boiler in a 3-pass or 5-pass version, designed for biomass combustion. The boiler features a smooth flame channel and water-cooled rotation chambers. It is dimensioned to achieve full combustion and efficient utilisation of the radiated heat in the flame channel, whilst convection heat is maximum utilised in the subsequent flue gas sections.

A moveable, water- and air cooled step grate is installed in the front of the boiler, to prevent clinker. Through our world patented combustion system, secondary air is added to the process in a downstream principal, to create the correct amount of turbulence in the combustion area. Hereby the developed gasses are completely burned, resulting in higher efficiencies and better values on emissions.

Thorough insulation of the boiler with 100 mm mineral wool results in a minimal heat loss. The boiler is all-welded and gas tight, and delivered with flanges, connecting branches, counter flanges and safety outlets. A cleaning hatch at the backend of the combustion chamber makes inspection and cleaning easy.

The standard version is designed for hot water with an operating pressure of 4 bar, and a maximum operating temperature of 110⁰ C. The H-boiler can be designed for High Pressure Hot Water with a temperature of eg. 160º C, and adjusted for a pressure of eg. 10 bar.

An elegant exterior of blue plastic coated steel plates gives the Linka H-boiler an appealing, modern design.

Automated usability

Linka has many years of experience in developing the special, advanced combustion technology for straw and other biofuels, and in utilising the technology optimal in combustion plants with high operational reliability and usability.

You choose the collaboration

The plant is fully controlled by a PLC control system (Programmable Logic Controller). the plant or as a project collaborator, with us as the turnkey contractor for the entire system.

Automatic ash extraction

A stainless steel, laterally-mounted ash auger is fitted in the base of the boiler, to transport the ash out to the inclined auger. This auger moves the ash onwards to an ash container, e.g. outside the building.

Automatic flue pipe cleaning

A number of pressure tanks are mounted on the boiler along with soot valves. These inject air into the boiler’s flue pipes to keep them clean. This way, manual cleaning of the pipes is rarely necessary.

Electronic control and surveillance system

Control and surveillance of the plant is based on a PLC control system (Programmable Logic Controller). This ensures controlled regulation of fuel supply to maintain maximum heat production from the boiler. All set points are readable and can be adjusted on a touch screen display. The oxygen percentage can also be read simultaneous on the display. Furthermore there is an alarm outlet on the control system.

The control system can also be connected to the internet and accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone. This enables you to receive remote support from Linka during commissioning and maintenance, and in the event of a disruption.

The PLC system can be installed with a general SCADA system, and data from the control system can be transferred to your computer, tablet or smartphone, enabling you to surveillance the plant from your desk. There are several options for control and surveillance of your plant based on your needs.

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